Facebook Crossing

In the second image I explore the theme ‘connection/disconnection’. I wanted to comment on the power technology and social media is having on humanities connection, or lack of, with reality. I believe humans are surrendering to technologies power as it infiltrates into all aspects of life.

In the image below I got a friend to walk across the road on his phone. Crossing the road involves an amount of awareness and caution for certain surroundings. Being on the phone or listening to music essentially detracts from one’s safety as they lose touch with their awareness to the power of technology.  I decided to clone my friend to emphasise humanities giving in to social media as it is becoming an extension of our lives. In effect, the image plays on authenticity/individuality as people are becoming clones of each other as a result of technology and popular trends.  I implemented the colours blue and white to again symbolise Facebook’s theme. Here, the colours symbolise the technological footprint on society and the world.












I want the overall message of the image to be as authentic and though provoking as possible. In order to do so, I slightly changed the colouring of the image to a lighter blue to closely match Facebook’s theme. Furthermore, the patchiness of the blue and white is a metaphor of social media’s imperfect relationship with the natural world.
I aim for this to be the final image to use for assessment three:




Pokemon Go Image

After the class discussion last week I realised I had to come up with a new idea due to copyright issues as the base image had to be my own. I brainstormed last night and explored the sites Tumblr and Unsplash for some inspiration. The themes that were really influential and assisted my brainstorming process were :

  • real/unreal
  • old media/new media
  • connection/disconnection
  • selfie/portrait

Playing on the theme ‘real/unreal’ I decided to incorporate Pokemon Go into the image as I remember exploring the issue of Virtual Reality in class and in Assessment 2. Below I have documented my editing process.


You can see here I put a black and white effect on the original picture in order to link to traditionalism and old media. I then cropped the colourful phone screen in my aim to have the phone screen stand out against the black and white background. Not only will this attract attention to the subject but it also symbolises the overbearing power technology is having on societal norms.

Pokemon Go .jpg

In the final image I decided to make the font blue and white to link to Facebook’s theme. It also stands out against the black and white background and partially links to the colours of Pokemon Go. For ethical reasons, I wasn’t sure if I had to ask the mans consent to keep the photo as it was a pure coincidence that he was in the image so to overcome this issue I blurred his face.

I have made no other adjustments to this image as I hope to use it for the final assessment.

Editing Trouble

I have found one image that I would like to incorporate into my final assessment. I found this image on the site unsplash.com and it is by Jason Rosewell: (https://unsplash.com/photos/ASKeuOZqhYU)


I am having trouble editing the image as I want to crop out the microphone and just have the boy screaming. On the software ‘word’ they have the option of removing the background of the image, however, the option removes part of the boy’s face, as you can see below.


I am leaning towards downloading Photoshop, although I know it is extremely hard to navigate.

Practice Images

These images were a chance for me to get my head around the editing software Pixlr and the criteria of the assignment. In both practice images, I use red font in order for my message about the corruption of technology (connection/disconnection) to stand out.


The first image focuses on the overbearing nature of technology and societies increasing dependency on it. The use of  black and white links with traditional photography.
This notion of tradition contrasts with the modern technology in the image
such as the laptop in the background and the Ipad in the foreground. The
aim of this image is to portray how, as a human race, we are becoming
completely lost and disconnected with life around us as we become more and
more consumed by technology. This image reflects the topic we cover in class on whether social media is leading to a disconnected society. The red font aims to make the message stand out against the black and white effect.


The second practice image plays on the theme connection/disconnection
as it exemplifies two forms of communication modes. The background
figure of the girl on her phone represents modern communication and
contrasts with the image of the two women in the foreground conversing
without using technology. Ultimately, this image reflects the changing nature of communication from what it once was to what it is becoming. The blue and white effect links to the colours used by Facebook, symbolising how Facebook is consuming social interaction.