Practice Images

These images were a chance for me to get my head around the editing software Pixlr and the criteria of the assignment. In both practice images, I use red font in order for my message about the corruption of technology (connection/disconnection) to stand out.


The first image focuses on the overbearing nature of technology and societies increasing dependency on it. The use of  black and white links with traditional photography.
This notion of tradition contrasts with the modern technology in the image
such as the laptop in the background and the Ipad in the foreground. The
aim of this image is to portray how, as a human race, we are becoming
completely lost and disconnected with life around us as we become more and
more consumed by technology. This image reflects the topic we cover in class on whether social media is leading to a disconnected society. The red font aims to make the message stand out against the black and white effect.


The second practice image plays on the theme connection/disconnection
as it exemplifies two forms of communication modes. The background
figure of the girl on her phone represents modern communication and
contrasts with the image of the two women in the foreground conversing
without using technology. Ultimately, this image reflects the changing nature of communication from what it once was to what it is becoming. The blue and white effect links to the colours used by Facebook, symbolising how Facebook is consuming social interaction.


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